Working as I am a key worker is it still personal choice

Hi I am 13 weeks pregnant I am still working as I am a key worker I’m wondering if this is still personal choice or if any other guidelines been put in place

In what country are you? Does your job respect the “social distancing” recommendation?

Eu também trabalho nos serviços essenciais aqui em Londres e estou afastada por 14 dias gostaria de saber se esses 14 dias são corridos ou de segunda a sexta ?

São 14 dias corridos.

Hi, I’m also working as key worker but still this is my personal choice. At my work all staff have been tested for coronavirus and apparently there is a government plan in place to start testing staff working in the care homes every week. So good thing I will be knowing if I have coronavirus or not. Despite that I had symptoms already before I’ve heard that it’s still possible to catch it again. At the moment I’m waiting for the antibodies tests which are more reliable and will tell if the symptoms I had was symptoms of coronavirus or just a simple cold. And then I will know if I should be more careful or if the precautions I’m taking at the moment are enough.